Friday, February 28, 2014

Last minute things

Hey I´m getting kind of But everything is going to go well. Ummm...I haven´t had the time to go check out the hotel but I will go tomorrow at least to know where it is. Are you both going to bring a cell phone!? I was thinking bring them both, not to use them in Peru but to use them when we are traveling back so if anything happens we can contact each other. Well if you don´t want to do that that’s fine but I do need the numbers you’re going to be using. If you have any questions you can call the office number I gave you or this cell phone: 971126025. I´m going to check this tomorrow morning to get those numbers before you leave, anything you need let me know. And I´ll be calling you if I can! love you so much!

This is the plan: 

Monday: come in get comfortable
Tuesday: Transfer meeting - La alborada - Miramar!!!
Wednesday- Huacho
Thursday- Cusco
Friday- Machu Pichu
Saturday- Come back- Go to temple- eat dinner with President
Sunday- Church in San Diego - Go to Rob´s house
Monday- Miraflores- Go home! 

Wow I feel like this whole week I’ve been in a kind of limbo because I´ve been like going around with other missionaries to say goodbye but I´m not going home yet. It’s like I’m dead but alive at the same time. It’s kind of weird; I think the real life is hitting me again! 

Love you so so much, and see you in less than 24 hours!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just a sec Exciting!!!

I`ll send you all something soon about my week but my time ran out emailing mom and things for the mission. I`ll write you later or at night if I can!


   Elder corbett

Ok I need to figure some things out then. We will be in contact a lot this week I think because I`m not going to have much to do, I`m leaving my area tomorrow to go to Lima. I`m going to be staying there the whole week pretty much and having for example my interview with the president and we have like a tour and things. I`m going to be there figuring all this stuff out. Umm don`t worry, bring the blow dryer the plugs here have both the ports. It’s like a double thing they always have, it’s kind of cool so I have never worried about the adapters and my things are just fine. Yeah I think we can work that out with Rob. I was thinking that night spend it with you guys and the Dorius Family. They wanted to do something too but I will talk with them because I`ll be there in the offices all week! Just send me messages during the week with any question, I`m sure the president will be fine with me checking it to make sure everything good, and plus it’s not like I`m going to have all that much to do because I can`t work (I won’t be in my area) and I don`t need to really say goodbye to my area just yet because I`m going to go with you guys. I was thinking about some things we could do, and I was thinking it would be cool if you guys could come up here to Huacho, but I don`t know if you would want to do that. It’s like 2 1/2 hours but so pretty the drive right along the ocean side and beautiful views. But I`ll think about it a lot, it’s not expensive by any means so that’s not what I`m worried about, just time and you can really see all my areas in the mission!!  Umm if you are talking with Elder Guerrero, Yes!! he was my companion for 6 weeks and was like one of the best companion I had, he`s way fun and I`m thinking I might go with him to the airport to pick you guys up with him and we can come back together because it’s close to the offices and we can help you out if the money and anything else. Umm don`t worry too much about transportation, I know pretty well the system in Lima, we can always take a bus or taxi, and I can find a taxi real easily and at Peruvian price. I got pretty good at that in my time here, it’s actually kind of fun. If we have the direction and everything to Rob and can get us there and back to the airport easily! ;-) 

There are a couple things I would like you to bring if there is room. Those zebra pens, yeah Elder Guerrero wants some if you could bring them as well there is a zebra pen that is extendable, it’s kind of shrinks and you pull it out to use it. He will pay you back for those. Ummm. as well if you could bring a couple decks of cards to give to someone, just the normal ones but with different backs to play nerds! as well a children’s song book for a family here that speaks English, He served in Provo his mission and can`t find one here. And as well just something for the kitchen to give to my last pension here, she is so awesome and has been so good to me. 

Well I got to go, love ya,
   Elder Corbett

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

6 more days = 2 Years as missionary

Dear family,                                                      11-12-12
     Well I can´t believe its all coming to an end so fast but I´m working hard and this week will be a good week. We had a baptism this week of an old lady I contacted about 3 weeks ago and she was so happy and is so excited to be a member of the true church. She is 75 years old. We don´t have baptisms for this next Saturday but we are trying to help a couple people get baptized for the 24 of Nov. We did have a good week in the zone and there was a huge marriage ceremony here in the city where 48 couple all got married at the same’s something weird that they do here so that people get married. We had 5 couples get married from the zone, some part members and we had 7 baptisms in the zone. We went to one of the baptisms that was very special, there is a new area in the zone that a companionship of missionaries are going to, it’s called "Sayan" and there are no members there until yesterday! Now there are two members and they can start a little group there. It’s about 50 mins away from our zone in taxi so they are going to make all the difference for the people there!! it’s so exciting how the work keeps moving forward. 
      Saturday I complete 2 years in the mission and still going strong! I´m writing so early today because we are going to a place that’s called "Caral" look it up online, it’s the oldest ruins that there are in all America and its only about 1 hour from here! cool huh? I´m going to take a lot of pictures, so that way, you can see this place.   It’s going to be cool but I hear it’s a lot of dust! We´ll see how it goes! I´m used to dust! Well I will see you all soon and love you all so very much!! 
      Con mucho amor,
              Elder Corbett

Monday, February 24, 2014

Tick Tock, Tick Tock!!

Dear Family,                                                                 11-5-12
      It’s crazy this end of the mission thing! I´m really enjoying it so much, the family that we live with is so fun that they are getting sad knowing that I´m leaving soon, I am too! But it isn´t taking away from the work I want to do before I take off! This week we had a baptism and it was so awesome this sister was so ready and so happy! Her name is Rosemary, she´s 40. It was so perfect the baptismal service as well, we also have a baptism for this sat. which was the older sister (who is 75) that we found last week who is going to be baptized sat. and as well we have a baptism for the next sat.! I´m excited,  We as well on a work visit while I was with Elder Paulson (my companion in the MTC) in my area, we contacted a man knocking his door and I didn´t think too much of it but when we returned the next day he was waiting for us. He said (because we arrived 30 mins late) "I didn´t think you guys were going to come and so I went and got on this web site that it says here and started chatting with some people of the church!" Wow, that caught me by surprise and then when we got to teaching about Joseph Smith I asked him have you ever heard of him, and he said "yea, I read what it said the pamphlet about how he prayed and saw God and Jesus Christ." This is a golden investigator. We gave him and his son and book of mormon and started visiting them every day or every other day. The mom of the family is very excited to listen as well but she works a lot, and the best part is that they got married 2 years before having their son. That is truly amazing for PerĂº!! They were going to come to church yesterday but they said in the morning when I called that they couldn´t and they would explain at night. When we got there at night they said they didn´t feel ready or prepared to go to the chapel and they would feel a little weird there, sometimes people use that as like an excuse but he was so sincere, like he knew how important it was for his life but he was scared to take that step because he knew how big it be. So tomorrow we are going to go with him and his family (Him, his wife, and son) to the chapel to have a tour and they can feel comfortable when they go Sunday. I have the faith that they can still be baptized before I go home! They are so prepared and have started to read the book of mormon, The dad is in Chapter 5 and the son in Chapter 4. 
        Well that’s a little bit of what’s been going on this week, just keep working and pushing till the end! Its going to be a good reward just feeling so relaxed and at peace flying home knowing I gave it my all! Well love you all and thanks for your support and prayers,
       Elder Corbett

p.s. We can do hard things!

p.p.s I can´t wait for you guys to come out here and see PerĂº!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Working hard, or Hardly working!?

Dear family,                                                                  10-29-12
       Man we worked hard this week, we were going to have a baptism this week but she couldn´t because of her work. She has been working so much because the other lady that works with her had an operation and she couldn´t help out for a while and our investigator has been working all day from 10 in the morning to 10 at night. And her companion couldn´t come in on sat. So we ended this month with only 2 baptisms but that ok we have seen other miracles in our area this week. Tuesday afternoon, while we were doing an exchange with other missionaries, I was with Elder Bulacio from Argentina and him and his companion don´t like contacting a lot. They do about 30 a week but never more, so we tried to do a lot of contacts with them so they learn to love it. When we started out the afternoon going to an a appointment and they weren´t there so I said lets go to the next one, and I knew we were going to have to contact so I said, lets knock these 3 houses, I haven´t knocked them yet! (It was the same street as our house) and so we knocked the first one and just normal and put their direction down and invited them to church and everything just like normal. The second house had on the door, "this home is catholic". I thought oh great we are going to get the door in our face, but we knocked and an older lady answered and looked very receptive and happy. And so we asked her if we could come in and teach her more about the church. She said "of course" and she grabbed a couple seats and as well we invited her grandson to participate, and it was such a great lesson. It was so powerful we told her that we were sent by god and this is what she needed. Her house was/is full of Catholic things but she felt we were sent by God. The next day we visited her and again, and with tears in her eyes, she said "my whole life I have always needed someone to explain the things to me and you are finally here." the Bishop gave the class of Gospel Principles and she asked the bishop if she should give up everything about being catholic for this, and he explained how he was catholic but found the truth. She said if I have to give up everything about being catholic for this I´ll do it! I then went in the afternoon and taught her and she is going to be baptized this 10th of November. I love finding people that are prepared. I always love telling the missionaries that I feel more like a missionary when I am contacting than anything else. I love baptizing contacts that I´ve done because it just makes me feel that what I am doing makes a huge difference. It’s crazy! 
       Well I hope you all know I´m working hard and not just hardly working! We as well had Zone Leader Council and it was really cool, we practically just practiced for 3 hours with the president and it was alot of fun! Well I hope everything is going well I´m just going to give my all until the end! Love you guys!!


     Elder Corbett

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The president is awesome!

Dear Family,                                                     10-22-12
      Well this week was crazy. I spent one day in Lima for the transfers to pick up all the missionaries from the zone and come back. It was interesting. We actually had a funny experience there. Elder Diaz and I went to bed very late packing stuff and getting things ready, probably at like 3 in the morning. We had to wake up at 6 to get ready and be on the bus at 7 to go to Lima and make it in time for the transfer meeting. Well he had pretty much everything ready and we went to bed. We woke up to voice of the pension (who live above us and there’s a window we can talk to each other from) saying "Elders, Elders, have you left yet?". I looked at my watch 7:20!! OH my....we had to get everything ready so fast. We took off running! We made it to Lima and the meeting as they were starting the first hymn. haha it was kind of funny but we were so exhausted that we didn´t hear the alarm. I never wake up late but what a day to not hear the alarm. So that was something funny this week.
       We also had interviews this week with president, and I thought, oh everything will be normal just interviews and he´s leave and everything will be cool. We when we called the night before, he said "I want to study with you guys for an hour and a half and then we will do the interviews of the whole zone and then I will work with someone in the zone for the afternoon." I was kind of nervous. So we did the practice with him, we had to teach him lesson 2 (plan of salvation) in 45 mins, it actually went really well, and me and my companion were very new in teaching with each other. But because we studied with him I was almost sure he wasn´t going to work with us but at the end of the studying he said. I feel I need to work with you two for the day. I think my heart went into shock. But we got to eat lunch with him at the hotel where he was staying and that was the best Steak I have eaten here in Peru. It was a fun day! He really didn´t work with us all the day. just a couple hours and then we had an baptism interview in our area and when the DL came to do the interview he went with them so it was cool for them too. It was a good week, we have a lot of people progressing and so this last week’s can go very well. My goal is to have 1 baptism every week till I go home! We will see how that goes but I feel with the people we have right now it’s very possible.
        Anyway besides that we are contacting a lot and meeting lots of new people, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and it went really well. I talked about how we aren´t ever alone and we need to help those around us as well know that they aren´t alone. I love you guys and as the time gets closer I´m getting excited to see you all but i´m going to end first what I came to do. I know this is the work of God and it’s a lot bigger than any one of us, its not at all our work but His very work. 

                            Elder Corbett

Friday, February 21, 2014

Last Transfer!!

Dear Family,
      Well this has been the quickest transfer I have ever had. I can´t believe it went by so fast, but it was a blast! Well after it all I´m going to get a new companion, I never thought I´d start to have so many companions at the end of my mission, but that's how the cookie crumbles. I´m excited to just work hard this last transfer and come home feeling really good. I know it’s going to go by so fast! My companion Elder Diaz is going to be companions with my old companion Elder Zeas from Nicaragua, that's kind of cool. We will see how that goes! My new companion is Elder Ochoa, and he is from a crazy new place, Guatemala. My first companion was from there and my last will be too. My 6th Guatemalan! That’s cool though, I heard he´s cool and we will be good zone leaders. So I´m excited. 
       Well we had 1 baptism this last week and we have 2 for this Saturday, so we progressing a lot. We are going to work so hard this last transfer, I want to go home good! We are going to do a cool activity in the ward called "Yo Soy", it is a TV program that goes on here and it’s kind of like American Idol but you have to imitate someone and the best one to imitate after some rounds wins, or something like that. So we are going to do it in our ward and its going to be fun. They already did it once so the second time it will be fun too! Well I´m getting things ready for classes and as well when you guys come out here. I can´t wait but I´m actually a little scared to go home! Well love you guys and hope this week is great. I´ll let you know next week how my companion is! 

Love you all,

      Elder Corbett